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These days, there are still some people who maintain their healthy lifestyle by exercising on weekends, either with family or friends as a means of spending some quality time together. Maintain a culture of healthy living can be done in various ways, including participating in yoga or gym activities, jogging, cycling, and eating healthy foods. But do they also maintain a healthy culture through these activities during this pandemic? With gyms being closed, apparently, some people still carry out these activities on weekends by simply jogging or walk in the morning to balance their lifestyle.

Not to mention, using the weekend to maintain a culture of healthy living is also a form of self-love, by caring for ourselves with consuming balanced nutrition which sometimes we forget during the busy working days.

Claiming themselves as “No. 1 Healthy Salad in Town”, our client Camaraderie takes the initiative to always open its outlets early on weekends, starting at 7 am. They hope to be able to balance people’s good intentions of living a healthy way by providing a place to visit and enjoy a salad or healthy drinks after their exercise.

For a little information, for those of you who often do jogging or just take a morning walk with the loved ones, it never hurts to visit Camaraderie at San Antonio Shopping St. N1 no.162 Surabaya.